I am not a Z generation guy – my wide experience and sound knowledge on HR issues make me constantly aware of the complex overlapping and consequences business decisions and behaviours have onto human nature and onto relationships men and women act in their daily life.

Being HR consultant is to me a way to envisage – grasp – manage needs so to give solutions satisfying both the individual - the context the individual is part of and the organization.

There is not a unique road to walk along: shifts of perspective drive HR reasoning. Biases and certainties can’t exist: they would narrow openness and integrity of thought as well as of action. Therefore, the key question is: which are the tools to apply not to slip, like a baby, on a banana skin?.

As far as my daily life suggests I truly believe in the power of listening, meaning by that the skill of changing personal points of view, much more than the already difficult task of understanding what the other person/ counterpart wants to elicit.

Such an approach does relate to my second keystone. It is the inner interest and goal in setting great, trustful communications and ties allowing individuals first – rather than bosses/employees/colleagues… - to feel themselves at ease daring to let their ideas be shared, to say “I made a mistake”, “I need help”, “thank you”.

“Diversity and inclusion can be handled by expanding the frame each of us has step by step depicted”

Spreading trust culture is an objective everybody working in HR should have, no way to weaken the overwhelming effect oxitocyn produces as neuroscience researches carried out by Paul Zak and Kenneth Nowack, witness. How could we push towards attraction and retention of Millennials – Z Generation otherwise? If control and transactional, not to say directive, leadership models have shaped the practises feeding baby boomers and generation X contributions, a new management language has been luckily drawn and spoken in these last decades/years. I still possess some doubts concerning how – how much such an idea is daily applied by managers, no matter what position they cover within the organization chart, at least in Italy.

The motivational levers the four generations, being at present the working force of a company, greatly differ so the way each of them take work and sense of belonging. Notwithstanding that, they all have to interact, find ways to tune, put competence & knowledge together to succeed in demanding market contexts by playing team working experience, most times nowadays even by being hybrid teams. Common ground is the trust they are able to give each other to have it back and start sharing views.

My third and last key stone is thirst of new learning. Diversity and inclusion can be handled by expanding the frame each of us has step by step depicted. New horizons open only on condition the individual know how to question him/herself and find energy to raise one more centimeter in the self amelioration ladder. Quiet quitting phenomenon requires attentive analysis. It is a matter to be fully studied and understood by embracing new reading lens.

To sum up: three concepts being three complementary roads listening – trust – thirst of new learning; all in one curiosity.